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Business Operations:
Daiwa House Malaysia Sdn Bhd
Sunway Southern Region Office
Plot F43. Lot Ptd, 183276 Medini Zone F. Mukim Pulai, Daerah Johor Bahru, 81200 Johor Darul Takzim
DH Asia Investment Pte. Ltd.(100% Subsidiary of Daiwa House Industry)(100%)
36, 441,000RM (JPY: approx. 1.2 billion yen)
9 (5 dispatched from Daiwa House Industry)
Consulting service for design, construction prefabrication of prefab house, etc
As a group that co-creates value for individuals, communities and people’ s lifestyles, the Daiwa House Group operates in three overarching business areas that we term Housing, Business and Life.

From its beginnings in the construction business, the Group has grown to its present status as a complex business entity supplying products and services to an extensive customer base in a wide range of fields. We operate not only in Japan but also in many other markets across the globe, and along with our geographical expansion has come an increased focus on our social mission and responsibilities as a corporate citizen.

From here on, as well, in the spirit of co-creating a brighter future together with our stakeholders, we will work to solve social problems in all three of our business areas, and to create new and lasting value for the entire community.
Daiwa House is ranked in the 447st in Global 500 (2014). Only Company in Japanese construction industry elected Global 500. Global 500 is an annual ranking of the world's largest corporations by Fortune.

Daiwa House Industry was founded in Japan in 1955 on the basis of a corporate philosophy of contributing to the “industrialization of construction.” In the more than half-century since then, the Company has expanded across a wide field of operations, including the construction of single-family houses, rental housing, condominiums, commercial facilities, and general business-use buildings.

In Japan, we are expanding our operations in a wide array of business fields that include developing “smart towns,” and providing eco-friendly buildings. Overseas, in China, ASEAN, United States and other area, we are expanding our operations by developing the business models that we have created in Japan.

And in Malaysia, we established the Representative Office in Kuala Lumpur in 2012 to develop "Malaysian industrialized housing". From April 2015, we launch our business as Daiwa House Malaysia Sdn Bhd. We will build industrialized housing which fits the climate and environment of Malaysia.

Going forward, Daiwa House Malaysia will continue to provide products and services to make revolution “Houses” and “Working environment of Housing industry” in Malaysia. We ask for your continued support and cooperation in our future endeavors.

Daisuke Usugi
CEO / Managing Director